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But You Were Transformed

There should be a difference. The life we had before we knew Christ must be different from the life we now live as we follow Christ. If there is no difference, then surely there is something wrong. I remember the time when I was still in my teenage years and uncaring about Christ or servingContinue reading “But You Were Transformed”

Like Noah and Lot

We must look at the world with truthful eyes. The eyes must be enlightened by the Word of God. Without the Word of God, we may see the world either as a beautiful place of our final destination or as a chaotic world of injustice that destroys many lives. When the Word of God isContinue reading “Like Noah and Lot”

Remembering God

Tonight, January 11, is one of the scariest nights in our City. Unlike two months ago when the heavy rains brought flash floods, this time Zamboanga City also experienced the chilling strong force of the winds as if ripping our roofs apart and sending my heartbeats with triple somersaults over and over again. We wereContinue reading “Remembering God”