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He Brought Me Up

I was worthlessDeeply sunk in sinYou saved me, LordWashed me clean.I was greatly lostLiving in the darkYou redeemed me, LordGave me a new heart.I was in a horrible pitStuck in the miry clayYou brought me up, LordSaved me when I pray.I was crushedNo hope to claimYou held me, LordCleansed me from all shame.I was downContinue reading “He Brought Me Up”

Lacking Nothing of any Good Thing

Good things are blessings from God. The word good may be subjective. People can have different views about what is a good thing and what is not based on the values, culture, and belief. Sometimes, what we deem as good in this world is not in truth good because it runs contrary to what theContinue reading “Lacking Nothing of any Good Thing”

Relief from Distress

Look to God for help. When we are helpless, call on God. When we are down, call on God. When we are weak, call on God. When we are sick, call on God. In every distress, our call for help should be on God who makes a way. He is faithful and He promises toContinue reading “Relief from Distress”