No Other Name but Jesus

No other nameSweeter than Jesus.No other nameMore powerful than Jesus.No other nameGreater than Jesus.No other nameMore awesome than Jesus.No other nameMore wonderful than Jesus.No other nameCould save but Jesus.No other nameAs the name of Jesus. Salvation is in Jesus Christ. In Acts 16, when Paul and Silas in prison were praying and singing hymns toContinue reading “No Other Name but Jesus”

Destined for Salvation

Live as children of the day. Believers are to be constantly conscious of the truth that earth is never our home. Our earthly life is temporary. The moment we receive Christ in our life and we abide in Him, we become citizens of heaven. We are called children of the light and children of theContinue reading “Destined for Salvation”

God Sees Faith

God deals in the heart level. Imagine preparing for a party or a special occasion. We shop for the best dress and shoes. We have to look our best. How we look can break or make an impression. Outward apperances matter greatly to man. People can be easily impressed by the outward show of beauty,Continue reading “God Sees Faith”

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