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When It’s Your Time

Only what’s done for Christ will last. Nothing else highly matters as this. Nothing else is worth spending one’s life than this. Nothing else counts the most but how we live our life for Christ. We can have so many desires and ambitions in life. We want to get rich, to be successful, to beContinue reading “When It’s Your Time”

The Love of God

When we consider the love of God for us, we cannot help but be awed and humbled. A perfect, wise, and mighty God loves sinners enough to give His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that all who believes in Him shall not perish in hell but have eternalContinue reading “The Love of God”

Bleak but Blessed

It is a blessing to be in Jesus Christ because there is always good news in Him. He may not always take away the bad circumstances, but He is always with us, and His presence is enough to make us confident to face challenges. Last night while I was ironing the clothes, my husband wasContinue reading “Bleak but Blessed”