Needing the Physician

You only call for a doctor when you accept that you need one. There are people who do not like to see a doctor or call for medical help thinking that their sickness would go away after some days. There are also people who don’t call for the doctor because they think they are notContinue reading “Needing the Physician”

More Than These Things

What dominates your thought life gives an indication of what you care most in life. An ambitious person would most likely wake up each day perked up with the prospect of a possible success. A teacher can wake up each day occupied by all the demands of teaching. A farmer would greet each day withContinue reading “More Than These Things”

When That Day Comes (poem)

When that day comes,When I see life grows dim,Of many full days gone,I pray for my faith to win.When that day comes,When I am old and weak,From life’s struggles,I pray that His praises I speak.When that day comes,When I can no more feel,Or see the light that appears,I pray I’ve fully lived God’s will.When thatContinue reading “When That Day Comes (poem)”

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