Sin No More

God’s grace releases us from condemnation. It is rightly called grace because we do not deserve it from a loving and perfect God. Even with the darkness of sin in us, God can forgive us completely and treat us without condemnation. A love that is so accepting that it powerfully transforms us to change andContinue reading “Sin No More”

Perfect Love

Jesus Christ died on the cross because He chose to. He chose to obey the will of the Father to take our place on that cross and to take our sin, our shame, and our guilt and place it upon Himself. Only Jesus Christ could do that because He was the Savior prophesied in theContinue reading “Perfect Love”

A Second Look at Social Status

Social media has crowded the digital world with impressive status. It has become a show off of beauty, opulence, extravagance, and all the great social status that pictures and videos could capture. In a way, social media is like a journal notebook that chronicles mostly the bests times of our life. The only difference isContinue reading “A Second Look at Social Status”

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