Relief from Distress

Look to God for help. When we are helpless, call on God. When we are down, call on God. When we are weak, call on God. When we are sick, call on God. In every distress, our call for help should be on God who makes a way. He is faithful and He promises toContinue reading “Relief from Distress”

Life Sustained by God

What sustains you each day? What nourishes your spirit? What keeps you going? What supports you mentally and emotionally? What keeps you strong? There are people who wake up each day feeling lost and hopeless. There are those who try their best to cope with their inner conflict by denial or by finding ways toContinue reading “Life Sustained by God”

Yet I Will Rejoice in God

Let hope in God arise. This Sunday afternoon, while working on the much needed things to accomplish in preparation for Monday’s work in school, I opened YT and searched for worship songs to listen to. I stumbled upon the song “I Raise a Hallelujah” by Bethel Music. Its lines really encouraged me. It says, “IContinue reading “Yet I Will Rejoice in God”

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