Break My Heart, Lord

Break my heart, LordFor every sin I do.Break my heart, LordWhen I can’t fear You.Break my heart, LordIf I forget You.Break my heart, LordWhen I love more than You.Break my heart, LordWhen I dislike what’s true.Break my heart, LordWhen I care not what I do.Break my heart, LordHelp me love and honor You. We liveContinue reading “Break My Heart, Lord”

He Brought Me Up

I was worthlessDeeply sunk in sinYou saved me, LordWashed me clean.I was greatly lostLiving in the darkYou redeemed me, LordGave me a new heart.I was in a horrible pitStuck in the miry clayYou brought me up, LordSaved me when I pray.I was crushedNo hope to claimYou held me, LordCleansed me from all shame.I was downContinue reading “He Brought Me Up”

More Than Can be Counted

When I ponderOn the worksOf your handsI stand in wonderOf everythingYou have done.Your ways are kind.Your thoughts are loving.Your works are wonderful.Your grace is amazing.My life is too short,To tell of all things,You said and did,They are too great,And too many,More than can be counted,To declare or to speak!But every goodnessThat I taste and seeFromContinue reading “More Than Can be Counted”

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