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You can draw some encouragement and inspiration to live life in a new and godly perspective.

Short Devotions and Some Poems

The message is about God, His goodness, His love, and His great works in the life of a believer. It also shares truth for Christian living and obedience to Jesus Christ as the only God and Savior. Because I also love poems, this site also sprinkles some of that too.

Bibles Verses

I believe in the authority of God’s Word in my life. His Word is truth. It inspires. It transforms. And it brings healing and blessing. This blog is full of Bible verses and passages because there is nothing that could truly bring me peace, hope, and joy in this life other than the Word of God, the Bible.

I pray that you will be blessed as I am blessed every time I ponder on the Word of God.

About Me

I am a high school teacher who loves to write and who loves God and His Word.

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