No Longer in the Flesh

When Christ died for meOn the Cross at CalvaryHe suffered in the fleshSo I could live afresh.Sin in me ceased to reignIn Christ who was slainedIn flesh I ceased to liveIn His will my life I give.For the rest of my timeAll for God’s will, not mineNo matter what they sayI choose Jesus every day.Continue reading “No Longer in the Flesh”

Not Forgetting God’s Will

The will of God is not a secret code or a complicated message that needs special decoding or ritual to unlock. When I was young, both in physical age and faith, I used to believe that it is difficult to know the will of God for me. It felt like I was facing a mathematicalContinue reading “Not Forgetting God’s Will”

Loss for Gain

God has a good purpose for all things He allows to happen in our life. It is difficult to fully comprehend how things will work out for good but God holds all things in His sovereign hand to bring His purpose to completion. It is this truth that we should remember when trusting becomes difficult.Continue reading “Loss for Gain”

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