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Who Is Christ to You?

What word have you received about Christ? For some Jesus Christ is a mere man. For others, he is a prophet. For some, he has never existed but he is only a figment of imagination. To those who are called by God, whose minds and hearts are washed anew, Christ is God, the Savior ofContinue reading “Who Is Christ to You?”

What Does God Require?

Have you tried asking God about something while thinking of probable answers He could give and when He answered, you are completely confounded about how different God’s thinking is compared to man’s? I imagine this when reading Micah 6 and a question was asked, “How can I come before God?” Surely, like this person asking,Continue reading “What Does God Require?”

Yet I Will Rejoice in the LORD

The recent tragedy in our City due to the catastrophic flooding brought great losses to many. It’s sorrowful to see our friends and loved ones losing their houses, livestock, and all their precious belongings during the strong typhoon. Some had lost family members and friends who drowned in the flood. Many sense the onslaught ofContinue reading “Yet I Will Rejoice in the LORD”