Heaven? Yes, But Not Now Lord

Death often points us to the idea of going to heaven. Heaven means being with God, Jesus, our Savior. Who does not like heaven? Every body does. But, no one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven are not that excited to think of their own death. We may say, “Yes,Continue reading “Heaven? Yes, But Not Now Lord”

When That Day Comes (poem)

When that day comes,When I see life grows dim,Of many full days gone,I pray for my faith to win.When that day comes,When I am old and weak,From life’s struggles,I pray that His praises I speak.When that day comes,When I can no more feel,Or see the light that appears,I pray I’ve fully lived God’s will.When thatContinue reading “When That Day Comes (poem)”

Precious In His Sight (Poem)

Life is short they always say,Time moves fast be it night or day,But rarely we see this come to play,Until a loved one has passed away.We have always thought they’ll stay,Be with us in our every day,We thought that life can make a way,But to the grave we gave them away.The sudden pain of losing,AndContinue reading “Precious In His Sight (Poem)”

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