Clothed by God’s Spirit

We could not take the credit for any obedience we fulfill. Obedience to God is never by might nor willpower alone but by the Spirit ot God. Yes, we could not obey God unless our own will is in complete submission to God, but even that is achieved through the working of the Holy Spirit.Continue reading “Clothed by God’s Spirit”

When In Poverty

Poverty brings us to a place of need. An impoverished state, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, or materially, speaks of a great need. Need drives people to hold on to anything that could sustain and provide comfort and solution. Such condition may be shunned or even bring shame to many, but being poor has its purpose.Continue reading “When In Poverty”

Test of Obedience

Treat God’s tests as major exams in life. Taking a major exam would mean we need to pass it the best way we can. That would mean that we made all the preparations needed mentally, physically, materially, emotionally and spiritually. We reviewed lessons thoroughly and prayed hard that we will be able to answer itemsContinue reading “Test of Obedience”

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