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Of Heaven

I know where I am from I am born for eternity’s landI have a home I’ve never yet seen Yet it is true, not just a dream.I wait for it with hope Enduring trials in the flesh. While trusting Jesus my Lord His Word I ponder and firmly hold.The home in which the Bible speaksContinue reading “Of Heaven”

The Voice of God

It is easy to hear the voices of the world. And there are too many of them. Sometimes even our own voices add to the confusion and noise of it all. We hear different voices. Some voices can make us happy. Some can make us lonely. Some can make us motivated. Some can make usContinue reading “The Voice of God”

Watch your Walk

Watch your walk As a child of light In faith behold And not in sight.Walk in God’s light And not in darkness Shine clear and bright And not in grimness.Walk in straight path Bring light to all Through the Son of God Helping each heed God’s call.Walk with God’s love Sharing and caring With wisdomContinue reading “Watch your Walk”