Let God Come In

What would you do when God knocks at your door? God, in fact, has been knocking at the door of our heart to let Him into our life so He could give us abundant life. It has always been the plan of God to let us experience an abundant life, but when we fail toContinue reading “Let God Come In”

Steadfast, Immovable, and Abounding in the Lord’s Work

Jesus is our hope. We have such great hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. His resurrection from death gives us unshakeable hope of the future glory and life we shall have with God. Not only hope of eternal life but also hope in this very life in the flesh. Hope of healing, restoration, peace, andContinue reading “Steadfast, Immovable, and Abounding in the Lord’s Work”

Filled with Fruits of Righteousness

Target the fruits you will bear. Like a farmer who wanted to tend the farm and who makes sure that his tree will bring plenty of harvest, we should also have the same mind and intention in our Christian faith. In our faith in Jesus Christ when we live from day to day, it isContinue reading “Filled with Fruits of Righteousness”

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