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Teachers are Like Farmers

Teachers are like farmers,They plant many seeds,They bury it in the minds of learners,Day to day, they sow and give.They plant seeds of knowledge,Of hope, of peace, and more.They patiently care and encourage,Like farmers in their chore.They may look ordinary,Without sleek and luxurious style.But their job’s extraordinary,They shake the world to smile.Teachers plant progress,They makeContinue reading “Teachers are Like Farmers”

When My Wine Runs Out

When my wine runs out,Jesus, I know you’re there.I can call your name,Because you always care.When my wine runs out,In the middle of my feasting,I can call you, Jesus,And trust in your saving.When my wine runs out,I’ll call you, Jesus!When I’m helpless,I’ll choose to hold and trust.When my wine runs out,I still believe in You.AllContinue reading “When My Wine Runs Out”

Rejoice in the Lord

Sunny days!Warm gladness inside.Rejoice in the Lord!He is the Light.Rainy days!Pain pricking inside.Rejoice in the Lord!He’s there by your side.Easy days!Comfortable you sway.Rejoice in the Lord!He cares every day.Hard days!Troubles around.Rejoice in the Lord!His grace abounds.Bright days!Success and wins.Rejoice in the Lord!He gives blessings.Dark days!Tears and sadness.Rejoice in the Lord!He gives you gladness.Abundant days!Provision flows.RejoiceContinue reading “Rejoice in the Lord”