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Accepting the Truth

Does the gospel bless you or offend you? It takes humility to have faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in life. When we meet Jesus and His love for us, we just understand deep within our hearts and consciousness that it is all about Him. We have nothing to boast about because weContinue reading “Accepting the Truth”

Reject Lies and Ungodliness

Do you shine your light? Or do the unbelievers think that you are one of them? There is a difference between being with unbelievers and living (being) like an unbeliever. We may profess with our mouths that Jesus is our Lord but our actions sometimes do the opposite making others believe that we are notContinue reading “Reject Lies and Ungodliness”

Only the Gospel of Christ

Open your mind Be discerning They are around Callously deceiving.Test all things Be Bible-knowing Some just come With truth-twisting.Read the Word Be understanding People can speak Outright lying.Pray in the Spirit Be boldly witnessing Many spread lies Openly sinning.Speak the truth Be proclaimingNo other gospel But Christ’s saving. “I marvel that you are so quicklyContinue reading “Only the Gospel of Christ”