Muchas Gracias (In Chabacano and English)

Con todo del mi corazon,

With all of me and my heart,

Y con todo del mi atencion,

My whole attention I impart.

Mi gratitud dol un cancion,

Like a grateful song to hark.

Dol canciones de inspiracion,

Songs of inspiration to write.

Ta kita con fuersa todo ilusion,

Illusion’s broken with might.

Y ta dale conmigo leccion,

Lesson that I learned to right.

Para limpia mi intencion,

My intention, cleansed bright!

Ya afrende yo bueno relacion

I learned to relate in stride,

Con amor el conversacion,

Loving conversation I strike,

Aliviao mi sentido y respiracion,

Alleviating and feeling so right!

Na todo gracia y bendicion,

Graces and blessings in sight,

Todo ya recibi yo provision.

All provisions you have provide,

Amarrao na de tuyu proteccion,

In your protection I am tied,

Contigo ya esconde mi ambicion,

Unto you all my ambitions I hide,

Alto mi esperanza y consolacion,

Hope and consolation at height,

Este noche iyo lyeno de adoracion,

Full adoration I give to you tonight,

“Muchas gracias” el mi declaracion,

“Thank you”, I say loud and bright!

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

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