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Who Is Christ to You?

What word have you received about Christ? For some Jesus Christ is a mere man. For others, he is a prophet. For some, he has never existed but he is only a figment of imagination. To those who are called by God, whose minds and hearts are washed anew, Christ is God, the Savior ofContinue reading “Who Is Christ to You?”

But You Were Transformed

There should be a difference. The life we had before we knew Christ must be different from the life we now live as we follow Christ. If there is no difference, then surely there is something wrong. I remember the time when I was still in my teenage years and uncaring about Christ or servingContinue reading “But You Were Transformed”

We Have Nothing to Boast

My thoughts My heart They are not hidden from you, Lord.You know Every desire Every motive The high And the low.Your knowledge It reaches Deep within My soul In truth.My own Wisdom Falls short It is Futile.My vast Knowledge Is worthlessIt is Nothing.It is you, Lord Who is Truly wise Over all.Help me Not toContinue reading “We Have Nothing to Boast”