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Wisdom from Above

Desire for wisdom that comes from God. Some people equate wisdom as a vast knowledge of lofty things or things too difficult to comprehend by ordinary people. It may encompass that but it is beyond the vast knowledge of different matters. The Bible describes wisdom perfectly, clearly, and so beautifully that it astounds me toContinue reading “Wisdom from Above”


Thank you, Lord Jesus my Lord and Savior for your every day graces. I can not fully fathom how your love covers every wrong that I do. I praise you and I give you thanks because of your loving kindness. Indeed, your mercy never fails. They are new every morning. 🙏

A Different Way

God answers our prayers according to His loving and perfect will. Oftentimes, our understanding of God’s love is veiled by the trying times. We could not immediately understand how God’s work of grace is present during difficult times in our life. Yet, even in the turbulent moments of life, from the time we cry toContinue reading “A Different Way”