Right Time ( A Poem)

I asked God, “Why not now?”For things I want to get,I want to rush things somehow,See them happen in my head.I wondered why ever so slow?Of things I always dream,I hurry to move and go,But I never reach the brim.I want this and I want that,Right now if I can choose,But God answers with aContinue reading “Right Time ( A Poem)”

Savior at All Times (A Poem)

I know I needed saving,From times of old and past,To now and how I’m living,It’s hard but in God I trust.When times I felt so confident,Quite self-assured and strong,But He showed me in the end,How I could be so wrong.There were many things I did,That how I wished I did not do,Or wished that I’veContinue reading “Savior at All Times (A Poem)”

Have They Heard?

Your faith is meant to be shared. Faith is not just a belief on a created being you call God or you call “the man up there” or others even call him G. It is a deep conviction and committed obedience in the God whose name is Jesus. This faith you have in Jesus isContinue reading “Have They Heard?”

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