Choose the Bread of Life

Why do we toil for material things in this world when they are all temporary? They say it’s for comfort. It’s a measure of success. It’s a dream come true. It’s a social status. All of these reasons can fit in the categories for all that is in the world in 1 John 2:16 —Continue reading “Choose the Bread of Life”

Teachers are Like Farmers

Teachers are like farmers,They plant many seeds,They bury it in the minds of learners,Day to day, they sow and give.They plant seeds of knowledge,Of hope, of peace, and more.They patiently care and encourage,Like farmers in their chore.They may look ordinary,Without sleek and luxurious style.But their job’s extraordinary,They shake the world to smile.Teachers plant progress,They makeContinue reading “Teachers are Like Farmers”

Never Thrown Out

Rejection wounds deep. This world is full of wounded people. Many of them have experienced rejection in different forms. I for one had experienced numerous rejections. I grew up feeling rejected by my own mother. I was rejected by some friends and classmates. We are not every one’s cup of tea for sure, but sometimes,Continue reading “Never Thrown Out”

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