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In Need of God

Seeking God starts with needing Him. Let us face it. We never seek something that we do not need. It is the same with seeking God. We only start to genuinely seek God the moment we realize that we truly need God in our lives. All who seek God have experienced a hole in theirContinue reading “In Need of God”

She is a Worshiper of God

What are you known for? Fruits have their scents that help us differentiate one from the other. Flowers have their fragrance which makes each one distinct. We also have one characteristic that makes us distinct from others. I have a friend who is known for her gregariousness and sincerity. Another friend is like a burstContinue reading “She is a Worshiper of God”

My Praise Report

God knows how to put a genuine and heart-deep cheer on our faces. We could not be happy all the time or cheerful at all times. Life’s challenges can make us frown and gloomy at times. However, when we cast our cares upon the Lord and rest in Him, the frown and gloom do notContinue reading “My Praise Report”