Faith Working Through the Grace of God

God desires that we come to Him in faith. If I am to write a mathematical equation for faith in God it would be: Belief in God + Obedience to God = Faith in God This is faith that enables us to have the assurance of things hoped for and proof of things not seenContinue reading “Faith Working Through the Grace of God”

Clothed by God’s Spirit

We could not take the credit for any obedience we fulfill. Obedience to God is never by might nor willpower alone but by the Spirit ot God. Yes, we could not obey God unless our own will is in complete submission to God, but even that is achieved through the working of the Holy Spirit.Continue reading “Clothed by God’s Spirit”

The LORD is Peace

Money can’t buy peace of mind. They say, money can’t buy happiness. It is true because happiness can be attained when one is at peace within. Peace of mind is one of the strongest connection to true happiness. There may be other things that contribute to our happiness, but without peace of mind, happiness isContinue reading “The LORD is Peace”

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