It is Sure

Where do you need healing? I have recently been preoccupied with thoughts of healing and prayer for healing. This I specifically refer to physical healing as five days ago I suddenly felt sick. Then I was continuously plagued by fever, on and off. With the rising COVID-19 cases in our city which sent us inContinue reading “It is Sure”

Hear as His People

Intimacy develops familiarity. You do not even have to turn your head to know who is speaking or calling you, you know the voice so well that you instantly recognize the person. The magic of familiarity. Familiarity grows as intimacy grows. The closer you are to the person, the more familiar you become. You getContinue reading “Hear as His People”

Keep the Hope

The mindplays tricksIt sometimesblindsand sometimesfindsnothing goodnothing clicks.Linesand all shapesclimbsto heightsto confusion.Dizzy thoughtsin disarrayIt clashesshineslike silversharp spear.Chimeslike a bella warning.Signsto restto pray.Dimesof thoughtsof feelings.Vinesof lifeof peace.Timesto trustand hope.

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