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The Spot that Shines the Brightest

The stars shine brightest in the darkest night. Reflecting on the challenges and difficulties that the pandemic brings to the education system, darkness seems to loom ahead. As a teacher, it is pretty heavy for a burden to carry. We are caught in between the demands of the system and the expectations of the society. If teachers will not have a good grip on the sane and the good, we may suffer burn out and discouragement. It is important that in this time of darkness, we choose what makes us shine the brightest. Choose the spot that shines the brightest. That spot usually belongs to what is good and just. It is the spot that shows love and care. So after thinking, I resolve to choose goodness. I crafted this short prayer in the form of a poem to express my heart today.

Today, I pray for strength.
And refreshment of mind.
To be calm and not to vent.
To shine and not to whine.
To gain and to befriend.
To be wise and to be kind.
To help and not to offend!

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

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