A Prayer

We pray for peace to rule the land,Hear, O Lord, the cries of man,Their fears and their despair,Distress they could not bear,Let your mercy flow to them,Let your peace reign to mend,Let each one receive your grace,Your blessing in the coming days.We pray for your hand of salvation,Hear, O Lord, and save the nation,From greatContinue reading “A Prayer”

Unspoken Heart (haiku)

The smell of salty breeze.Sand and waves embraced to meet.Unspoken heart smiles. While having trouble sleeping last night, I decided to paint. Well, it is a rough one but I appreciate whatever my little talent could do. God provides ways for us to relax and be at peace. I am grateful for that everyday. WithContinue reading “Unspoken Heart (haiku)”

You Don’t Look Like It

Your face reflects your heart. It often does. You can oftentimes see in the face of a person if he is truly happy. There are times too that a person smiles yet you sense that something is still missing even when his grin seems to stretch from end to end. When a person tries hisContinue reading “You Don’t Look Like It”

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