Tell it to God

Let not anything cause you to be anxious. Fear and worry are normal feelings. They are valid when certain difficult situations arise. But, we are not to dwell on them. We are not to co-exist with fear and worry in our life. So much of that are already being created and passed around us inContinue reading “Tell it to God”

Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)

A beautiful poem written about choosing peace. Worth reading. 🥰❤️ There is to much in life to be disappointed about May be just let it be May be just let it be May be choose to be free Free Bloom like the flower in … Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)

Rest and Victory

Have you ever felt so worn out and weary that you yearn for rest deep within your soul? It is amazing how being emotionally and mentally tired could affect our physical bodies. It is as if every particle in our spirit translates and transmits every kinetic energy of weariness to our physical state. But justContinue reading “Rest and Victory”

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