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Seek Peace

Do you desire length of days? It is natural for us to want to live long. We want to grow old and see better days. We desire to be grand dads and grand moms and see our children and grand children living happily. The Bible is a treasure of wisdom for living. Some people seekContinue reading “Seek Peace”

My Hiding Place

The safest place we can ever be is in God. It is in God that we could be assured of true security, joy, peace, and life. We always have someone who we consider “the shoulder to cry on”. For me, it is God. The Lord is my shoulder to cry on. He is my closetContinue reading “My Hiding Place”

Strength in Waiting

Waiting became more personal for us this year. Waiting is a difficult period especially when we could not see what would happen in the future and we could barely understand why something happens. This became a real experience for us when my brother-in-law, Adonis, got sick due to kidney disease. This morning, December 3, heContinue reading “Strength in Waiting”