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When My Wine Runs Out

When my wine runs out,Jesus, I know you’re there.I can call your name,Because you always care.When my wine runs out,In the middle of my feasting,I can call you, Jesus,And trust in your saving.When my wine runs out,I’ll call you, Jesus!When I’m helpless,I’ll choose to hold and trust.When my wine runs out,I still believe in You.AllContinue reading “When My Wine Runs Out”

When I am Afraid

When I am afraidI feel uncertainI search for youI’m not in vain.Fear surrounds like the dark nightBut in your presence I can hide.When I am afraidI feel the weightBut I trust in youI keep my faith.Fear stalks like a thief at nightBut Lord, You never left my side. Why do we fear? Why do menContinue reading “When I am Afraid”

As Deaf and Mute

What would you do when people reject you and say evil things against you? What would you do when you experience this kind of treatment after choosing to do what is right? It is difficult to stay quiet at such moments. Our immediate reaction would be to defend ourselves and prove that we are right.Continue reading “As Deaf and Mute”