As Deaf and Mute

What would you do when people reject you and say evil things against you? What would you do when you experience this kind of treatment after choosing to do what is right? It is difficult to stay quiet at such moments. Our immediate reaction would be to defend ourselves and prove that we are right.Continue reading “As Deaf and Mute”

God is Your Confidence

Take courage in fearful news. News of the pandemic and news of war are probably two of the fearful events we heard recently. They are alarming and they bring about distress to almost every one. They affect all other people around the world, directly or indirectly. There are many fearful news that beset the world.Continue reading “God is Your Confidence”

Wait Until The End

Waiting is a hard task. It is harder still when what you are waiting for seems too long to arrive. You cannot see anything. Not a sign. Not a prompt. Not a hint. Nothing. When this happens, waiting becomes a struggle. When you wait for something, you naturally have an expectation. You hope for something toContinue reading “Wait Until The End”

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