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Stand Up and Speak

The message of Peter to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins remains true and the same even today. This message never gets old.  And this message needs to be told to every generation and to any one we meet. Peter said to them, “Repent , and beContinue reading “Stand Up and Speak”

Remember to Give Thanks

God is the supplier of our needs. He is rich in mercy and grace that He readily saves us when we need His help. Oftentimes, our needs drive us to call God. Our needs open our eyes to Jesus, as the Savior, who can answer any need we have. Our needs are our motivation toContinue reading “Remember to Give Thanks”

Love that Stays

I’ve seen love That easily changes Like shifting moods Broken into pieces.I’ve seen love That fades awayLike a misty fog It doesn’t stay.I’ve seen love That promised forever Like a fleeting breeze It grows to never.Yet, I met Love That stays and clingsHis name is Jesus Christ Perfect love He brings.Now I know love That’sContinue reading “Love that Stays”