Perfect Love

Jesus Christ died on the cross because He chose to. He chose to obey the will of the Father to take our place on that cross and to take our sin, our shame, and our guilt and place it upon Himself. Only Jesus Christ could do that because He was the Savior prophesied in theContinue reading “Perfect Love”

Destined for Salvation

Live as children of the day. Believers are to be constantly conscious of the truth that earth is never our home. Our earthly life is temporary. The moment we receive Christ in our life and we abide in Him, we become citizens of heaven. We are called children of the light and children of theContinue reading “Destined for Salvation”

Life in the Son (A Poem)

He came to set the captives freeGive peace, life, and liberty.He came to give us victory,And abundant life for eternity.He came to save you and me,Died on the cross shamefully.He came with grace so bountifully,Showed love to all humanity.He came and was born poorly,No fame, beauty or majesty.He came and angels sang adoringly,And shepherds worshippedContinue reading “Life in the Son (A Poem)”

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