Right Time ( A Poem)

I asked God, “Why not now?”For things I want to get,I want to rush things somehow,See them happen in my head.I wondered why ever so slow?Of things I always dream,I hurry to move and go,But I never reach the brim.I want this and I want that,Right now if I can choose,But God answers with aContinue reading “Right Time ( A Poem)”

Have They Heard?

Your faith is meant to be shared. Faith is not just a belief on a created being you call God or you call “the man up there” or others even call him G. It is a deep conviction and committed obedience in the God whose name is Jesus. This faith you have in Jesus isContinue reading “Have They Heard?”

Strong in All Seasons

I love both sunny or rainy season. First, because, basically, we need both the sun and the rain to live, survive, and grow. Secondly, because we really don’t have the choice. Life gives us that. Metaphorically, there are “sunny” times in our life and there are “rainy” times too. Both times are seasons of growthContinue reading “Strong in All Seasons”

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