I knowI am confident.When troubles ariseYou hear my cries.I knowI believe.When troubles comeYou keep me calm.I knowI am sure.When troubles roarYour peace will soar.I knowYes, I know.When troubles beYou stay with me. God is our help in every trouble we face. Like a ship in distress signaling an SOS, we also have troubled times thatContinue reading “My SOS”

Hope in God

The most tragic thing we could ever experience in life is feeling hopeless. When hope is gone and lost, everything else stops. Situations can go downhill and plunge to darkness, but it is hope, no matter how small, that pushes anyone to keep moving forward and to rise above the problems. As long as thereContinue reading “Hope in God”

My Papang

Father’s Day always brings precious memories of my dear papang who passed away in 2018. He was a good, gentle, patient, and dependable father. Losing him after losing my mother in 2017 was like boring a hole in my life that would never be filled again. This Father’s Day I would like to remember myContinue reading “My Papang”

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