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All for Christ

To live is Christ. Have you ever asked yourself for what purpose do I live my life? Is my purpose worth my time, effort, and investment here on earth? Does my life purpose prepare my life for eternity? Does my life purpose glorify God? Does my life purpose truly matters in light of the WordContinue reading “All for Christ”

Not Troubled, Not Fearful

We are groaning in this world Like throes of birth pains Weary mind, exhausted heart A thirsty soul within.We are too busy, always busy Our minds never rest,We care for so many things Not knowing we’re so blessed.Nothing is enough, no never too much.We like, want, and desire for more,This and that, things and such.WeContinue reading “Not Troubled, Not Fearful”

The Door of Salvation and Pasture

Jesus is the Door —The door to life.He freely gives,No need to strive.Jesus is the Door — The door to blessings.Of freedom and peace,Of eternal living.Jesus is the Door —The door to pasture.He gives us bounty,Of spiritual nature.Jesus is the Door — He came so we may live.Live life to the full.To forgive and give!Continue reading “The Door of Salvation and Pasture”