What Is Life?

Just recently, my colleagues and I had an interesting conversation about death. We were thinking about our friend with a terminal disease and we were contemplating on how difficult and painful it must be for her. However, we all realized that knowing when our death will come could be one of the life-changing moments inContinue reading “What Is Life?”

The Wise Reprover and the Listener

Blessed are you when someone corrects you. Being told what to do or how to do things may not always be a balm to the ego. It can also be an unwelcome advise to others. It stings to be corrected but the sting is momentary and if we dare to listen and obey wise correction,Continue reading “The Wise Reprover and the Listener”

You Shall Not Fall

When “time dilation” happens between the righteous and the wicked, we judge life as unfair. In Physics, time dilation is when an observer sees time slows down in a clock moving relative to him. Well, I am going to use this concept quite figuratively. Prosperity and success have their own pace in life. People doContinue reading “You Shall Not Fall”

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