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In Need of God

Seeking God starts with needing Him. Let us face it. We never seek something that we do not need. It is the same with seeking God. We only start to genuinely seek God the moment we realize that we truly need God in our lives. All who seek God have experienced a hole in theirContinue reading “In Need of God”

When It’s Your Time

Only what’s done for Christ will last. Nothing else highly matters as this. Nothing else is worth spending one’s life than this. Nothing else counts the most but how we live our life for Christ. We can have so many desires and ambitions in life. We want to get rich, to be successful, to beContinue reading “When It’s Your Time”

All for Christ

To live is Christ. Have you ever asked yourself for what purpose do I live my life? Is my purpose worth my time, effort, and investment here on earth? Does my life purpose prepare my life for eternity? Does my life purpose glorify God? Does my life purpose truly matters in light of the WordContinue reading “All for Christ”