Remember the Word of God

We are to remember God’s Word. In some of my ponderings, I thought how will our life be when we are not allowed to read and study the Bible anymore? What if time will come when reading the Bible and owning one become a crime? What if time will come if we could not getContinue reading “Remember the Word of God”

A Treasure is Worth Digging For

Treasure bespeaks of riches. My 8-year old son would always light up in excitement when he sees a treasure map or a treasure chest. He would usually role-play that he is a treasure hunter searching for that great treasure in a forest. He would ask me to print out a treasure map and then heContinue reading “A Treasure is Worth Digging For”

Taste the Word of God

If you are hungry for the Word of God, you shall be filled. There may be times you have approached God’s Word as an obligation to fulfill because you need to read it. There may also be times you are just forced to open the Bible because it is there in your schedule. Or, perhaps,Continue reading “Taste the Word of God”

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