I knowI am confident.When troubles ariseYou hear my cries.I knowI believe.When troubles comeYou keep me calm.I knowI am sure.When troubles roarYour peace will soar.I knowYes, I know.When troubles beYou stay with me. God is our help in every trouble we face. Like a ship in distress signaling an SOS, we also have troubled times thatContinue reading “My SOS”

Confident in God’s Answer

The periods of loneliness and helplessness are when we can bare out our true feelings to God. These types of moments are intense. They drive us to kneel before God in prayer. It is through these moments that we experience our only hope and help is God alone. While reading Psalms 6, I am struckContinue reading “Confident in God’s Answer”

God Rescues and Provides

God has a good plan even in our suffering. It is difficult to believe that God can bring something good out of the problems we face in life. Suffering is unpleasant, so no one likes to suffer. Our flesh naturally seeks comfort and pleasantness. The idea of having to suffer is repulsive to us. LetContinue reading “God Rescues and Provides”

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