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God’s Promise and Comfort

It was not the best day. We all have some days which make us worried or disturbed. Sometimes we may feel sad, tired, or just quiet and consumed with lethargic energy and unmotivated to move. Yet, how amazed I am that even in these type of days, God has a way of demonstrating that HeContinue reading “God’s Promise and Comfort”

Remembering God

Tonight, January 11, is one of the scariest nights in our City. Unlike two months ago when the heavy rains brought flash floods, this time Zamboanga City also experienced the chilling strong force of the winds as if ripping our roofs apart and sending my heartbeats with triple somersaults over and over again. We wereContinue reading “Remembering God”

Why are You Fearful?

“Why are you fearful?” was the question Jesus asked his disciples in the middle of a tempestuous sea. But, Jesus followed this question with “oh you of little faith” which tells us how our faith in God affects how we respond to tempestous situations in our life. This story of the fearful disciples with JesusContinue reading “Why are You Fearful?”