Delivered from All Fears

Fear is one of the illnesses of the mind and soul. When fear becomes constant and overwhelming it can debilitate a person’s quality of life. Abnormal and extreme fear destroys a person’s life. We could read in the Bible how much God comforts and encourages His people by always saying “Do not be afraid.” FearContinue reading “Delivered from All Fears”

God is Your Confidence

Take courage in fearful news. News of the pandemic and news of war are probably two of the fearful events we heard recently. They are alarming and they bring about distress to almost every one. They affect all other people around the world, directly or indirectly. There are many fearful news that beset the world.Continue reading “God is Your Confidence”

The LORD is Peace

Money can’t buy peace of mind. They say, money can’t buy happiness. It is true because happiness can be attained when one is at peace within. Peace of mind is one of the strongest connection to true happiness. There may be other things that contribute to our happiness, but without peace of mind, happiness isContinue reading “The LORD is Peace”

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