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I Follow Christ

It is because of Christ and it is for Christ. Christians should have this sole intention. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we should strive to do things with the foremost reason—we follow Christ. We do not follow man, although we should submit to authorities. Ultimately we also do it because of Christ andContinue reading “I Follow Christ”


Thank you, Lord Jesus my Lord and Savior for your every day graces. I can not fully fathom how your love covers every wrong that I do. I praise you and I give you thanks because of your loving kindness. Indeed, your mercy never fails. They are new every morning. 🙏

My Hiding Place

The safest place we can ever be is in God. It is in God that we could be assured of true security, joy, peace, and life. We always have someone who we consider “the shoulder to cry on”. For me, it is God. The Lord is my shoulder to cry on. He is my closetContinue reading “My Hiding Place”