God will Deliver You

Call on GodIn every day,He will hearWhat you say.Call on GodIn your trouble,He will deliverMake things possible.Call on GodHe is faithful,He will answerMake you peaceful.Call on GodHe will take care,All your problemGive you miracle.Call on GodDon’t lose faith,He makes a wayHe’s never late.Call on GodWith all praises,Give Him honorFor His graces. God is faithful toContinue reading “God will Deliver You”

Freewill Offering

What do you offer to God? Offerings are not uncommon to Israel in the Old Testament times. Even in non-Biblical practices, different cultures have different practices of offering as a form of worship or sacrifice. In Biblical worship, offering is a natural part of expressing praise and thankfulness to God. It also expresses the kindContinue reading “Freewill Offering”

Second Chance, Change, and Condition

No one gives second chances like God does. Whether we admit it or not, all of us need second chances. We can easily fail big time. Most often than not, we get to realize our failures and mistakes when we are old and when we could never turn back time. Do you ever wonder howContinue reading “Second Chance, Change, and Condition”

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