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Not Troubled, Not Fearful

We are groaning in this world Like throes of birth pains Weary mind, exhausted heart A thirsty soul within.We are too busy, always busy Our minds never rest,We care for so many things Not knowing we’re so blessed.Nothing is enough, no never too much.We like, want, and desire for more,This and that, things and such.WeContinue reading “Not Troubled, Not Fearful”

Seeking God in the Day of Trouble

Seek God and you will never get lost. Rarely do people naturally seek for God in the truest sense. Oftentimes, we seek a semblance of God or a substitutional “idea” or “object” for God believing that it is God. But it is not God, it is a god. This is the result of sin. SinContinue reading “Seeking God in the Day of Trouble”