The Way to Peace

Peace becomes scarcer as you age. Innocence breeds more peace. Lack of it brings more thoughts and more chaos. Back on the days when you were young, you rarely think about peace. When I look at my two sons so carefree and unmindful of the worries that usually plague adult people, I envy kids! TheirContinue reading “The Way to Peace”

Journey of Return

I see mountains immovable. I see rocks impenetrable. I see thorns so formidable. I see valleys innumerable. 🌸 Ignorance kept me blind. Guilt possessed my mind. Sin made me fall behind. Shame is all I could find. 🌸 Soul so dry and weary. Spirit so low and heavy. The heart is always messy. The thoughtsContinue reading “Journey of Return”

God Keeps You

When you have no one else to turn to, remember you have God! And even if you have someone else to turn to, I pray, that you choose to turn to God first. Like a shepherd caring for his flock is how God cares for you. “He will tend his flock like a shepherd; heContinue reading “God Keeps You”

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