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Sleeping in Peace

Peaceful sleep is a blessing from God. It is God’s grace. And when we wake up to another rising sun, another grace is bestowed upon us by our Almighty Father. Imagine working all day and not being able to sleep well at night. It is devastating to ones health, both mentally and physically. So whatContinue reading “Sleeping in Peace”

Not Troubled, Not Fearful

We are groaning in this world Like throes of birth pains Weary mind, exhausted heart A thirsty soul within.We are too busy, always busy Our minds never rest,We care for so many things Not knowing we’re so blessed.Nothing is enough, no never too much.We like, want, and desire for more,This and that, things and such.WeContinue reading “Not Troubled, Not Fearful”

All His Benefits

Benefits list! Have you ever made one in your Christian life? It is usual for us to take note or even list the benefits we have from our jobs or careers. Financial benefits are on top of the list. When we list down benefits, we are more motivated to work. We become excited with theContinue reading “All His Benefits”