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Complete Satisfaction

When I am down and troubled,I call to You, my Lord.You saved me from distress,In You I cling and hold.I have a deep longing,Deep within my soul,This world can’t satisfy,So to you I pray and call.This longing deep within me,You have completely satisfied.Like deep waters that fill me,I am blessed and filled inside! We callContinue reading “Complete Satisfaction”

All His Benefits

Benefits list! Have you ever made one in your Christian life? It is usual for us to take note or even list the benefits we have from our jobs or careers. Financial benefits are on top of the list. When we list down benefits, we are more motivated to work. We become excited with theContinue reading “All His Benefits”

Serving with Gladness

Do you believe in divine appointments? There are events in our life when God leads us to serve Him. Things out of the ordinary or an uncommon break from the usual things we do. Maybe a stranger needed help and it so happened you were there. A friend needed a listening ear and you wereContinue reading “Serving with Gladness”