No Good Thing Apart from God

Without God in our life we could not truly see our poor state. Yes, we are in a poor state in this sinful flesh. We could only realize and understand it fully when we develop a relationship with God. Much like getting to know a friend and developing a strong bond of friendship is howContinue reading “No Good Thing Apart from God”

Give Thanks with Your Whole Heart

I thank You, Lord,My life, my hope,My strength, my peace,My joy, my shield!I thank You, Lord,For all You’ve doneFor all your goodness,Like the rising sun.I thank You, Lord,For every blessing,Each day’s refreshing,Your love’s restoring. There are so many things to thank God for each day. Just the other day, I was looking at the flowers,Continue reading “Give Thanks with Your Whole Heart”

Confident in God’s Answer

The periods of loneliness and helplessness are when we can bare out our true feelings to God. These types of moments are intense. They drive us to kneel before God in prayer. It is through these moments that we experience our only hope and help is God alone. While reading Psalms 6, I am struckContinue reading “Confident in God’s Answer”

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