Both the Oil and the Lamp

The best way to be ready is by preparing for the worst. In a disaster risk readiness strategy, this is always the case. Whatever the disaster is, there is a definite procedure to follow in preparation before the impending disaster, during the disaster, and after the disaster. In schools, every classroom is usually equipped withContinue reading “Both the Oil and the Lamp”

The Wise Reprover and the Listener

Blessed are you when someone corrects you. Being told what to do or how to do things may not always be a balm to the ego. It can also be an unwelcome advise to others. It stings to be corrected but the sting is momentary and if we dare to listen and obey wise correction,Continue reading “The Wise Reprover and the Listener”

Who We Are and Who Our Enemy Is

Know ourself and know our real enemy. Sun Tzu, in the Art of War, said that if we know our enemy and ourself we do not need to fear the result of a hundred battle, if we know ourself but not our enemy we may suffer defeat for every victory, and if we know neitherContinue reading “Who We Are and Who Our Enemy Is”

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