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My Praise Report

God knows how to put a genuine and heart-deep cheer on our faces. We could not be happy all the time or cheerful at all times. Life’s challenges can make us frown and gloomy at times. However, when we cast our cares upon the Lord and rest in Him, the frown and gloom do notContinue reading “My Praise Report”

The Life of Worship

The highest form of worship to God is obedience to His will. It is sometimes commonly mistaken that worship is about going to the sanctuary or what most of us call “church”. True, attending church is part of worshiping God, but worshiping God is not limited to just attending church. It must be evident inContinue reading “The Life of Worship”

God’s Power

When Herod’s hand Had killed James And imprisoned Peter In jail he stayed.Slept between two soldiers,Peter was bound in chains. Sentries guarded the door,He will surely soon be slained.Behold, God’s angel stood beside him!The chains fell off his hands.The iron gates opened,Passing by the guards who never sensed.Peter realized, it was an angel.God sent toContinue reading “God’s Power”