Freed from All my Fears

Battle your fears. When I was a little girl, I was extremely afraid of the dark. When the light goes off in the middle of the night and pitch black darkness washes off in the room, I would call my father for rescue. While sobbing in terrible fear, I would call Papang and he wouldContinue reading “Freed from All my Fears”

But I Trust in You, Lord

Testing and trials can make or break our faith. The stress and strain are factors that contribute to the breaking point of a material. A stick, for example, no matter how hard it is, would eventually break when the stress and strain go beyond its elastic strength. People are also experiencing stress and strain inContinue reading “But I Trust in You, Lord”

God has Heard my Voice

In this earthly placeOf time so shortWhen no one caresOf things I holdI look to YouMy God, my LordI cry to YouOf pain untoldWhen sorrows comeYour graces unfoldOf sweet answersFrom your throne of goldMy heart rejoicesMy spirit soars! We knew rejoicing from within our deepest being when we tasted the faitfulness of God every timeContinue reading “God has Heard my Voice”

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