Fit to Praise God

Uprightness comes from genuineness and sincerity to walk righteously. Upright is defined as “vertically straight”. It is being straight in thought, in word, and in deed. An upright person is someone who remains in the straight way of God and unchanging in principle and belief based on the Word of God. Uprightness does not bendContinue reading “Fit to Praise God”

Give Thanks (A Poem)

I give thanks to the LordFor every breath I takeFor this life He gaveFor every moment I wake.I give thanks to the LordFor my eyes that could seeFor His splendor and majestyFor all creations’ beauty.I give thanks to the LordFor all I taste and feel,For the blessing of will,For His grace so real.I give thanksContinue reading “Give Thanks (A Poem)”

Backed up by the Creator

Creators know best about their created material. Whether one is an inventor of a technology, a designer of clothes, a creator of cars, a designer of house or building, a game creator, a content creator, a chef who cooks a delectable recipe or a planner of events, they are the experts in their creation. TheyContinue reading “Backed up by the Creator”

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