Life For God

Clean and unclean. This opposite can be read in the Bible. When God calls us to follow Him, and we made the decision to follow Him, we are asked to live a clean life. This is the cost of following God. We need to transform ourselves from unclean to clean. The moment we follow GodContinue reading “Life For God”

When my Heart is Overwhelmed

When I am overwhelmedI resist to be defeated.I shall call on GodIn His arms I’m lifted.When I am overwhelmedI will kneel in prayer.I shall bow to GodWith Him I’ll stay closer. It has been weeks of heavy rain in the Philippines. Many places are flooded. Tonight, before sleeping we hear the strong winds brushing throughContinue reading “When my Heart is Overwhelmed”

Freed from All my Fears

Battle your fears. When I was a little girl, I was extremely afraid of the dark. When the light goes off in the middle of the night and pitch black darkness washes off in the room, I would call my father for rescue. While sobbing in terrible fear, I would call Papang and he wouldContinue reading “Freed from All my Fears”

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