I knowI am confident.When troubles ariseYou hear my cries.I knowI believe.When troubles comeYou keep me calm.I knowI am sure.When troubles roarYour peace will soar.I knowYes, I know.When troubles beYou stay with me. God is our help in every trouble we face. Like a ship in distress signaling an SOS, we also have troubled times thatContinue reading “My SOS”

Rest and Victory

Have you ever felt so worn out and weary that you yearn for rest deep within your soul? It is amazing how being emotionally and mentally tired could affect our physical bodies. It is as if every particle in our spirit translates and transmits every kinetic energy of weariness to our physical state. But justContinue reading “Rest and Victory”

The Lord is my Strength

We need strength from day to day. The sure and unfailing strength comes from the LORD. Whatever challenges we face that pull us down will not prevail because when God is our strength, He makes our feet like that of the deer, able to move up the hill and sure-footed. We don’t easily slip down.Continue reading “The Lord is my Strength”

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