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God’s Way

God is truly our Shepherd. He provides what we need. He provides a way for us in whatever situation we face. There comes a time in our life when we do not know what to do but it is God who teaches us. God teaches us and guides us through His Word. One such aContinue reading “God’s Way”

Continue Steadfastly in Prayer

How much of your day do you devote to praying? Prayer is like a battery charger to a Christian. It plugs us to the source of energy that makes us move and function according to the will of God as guided by His Spirit through the Word of God. That source is God alone. Thus,Continue reading “Continue Steadfastly in Prayer”

Remember to Give Thanks

God is the supplier of our needs. He is rich in mercy and grace that He readily saves us when we need His help. Oftentimes, our needs drive us to call God. Our needs open our eyes to Jesus, as the Savior, who can answer any need we have. Our needs are our motivation toContinue reading “Remember to Give Thanks”