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Remembering God

Tonight, January 11, is one of the scariest nights in our City. Unlike two months ago when the heavy rains brought flash floods, this time Zamboanga City also experienced the chilling strong force of the winds as if ripping our roofs apart and sending my heartbeats with triple somersaults over and over again. We wereContinue reading “Remembering God”

Your Every Need

We have a lot of needs. Every day we are confronted with different kinds of needs in every aspect of our life. They come in different forms and sizes. How do we respond to the needs that life throws at us? We could either count our troubles or count our blessings. I am familiar withContinue reading “Your Every Need”

Praising God

More precious than silver and gold God’s blessings upon me bestowed Nothing else can compare He richly gives without fail.Like the lame man seeking a giftI long for physical relief But you gave more and blessed my spirit Making me whole and complete.I am blessed and healed,My eternity is sure and sealed,In heaven with Jesus,Continue reading “Praising God”