I’m Known

Jesus Christ knows each of his sheep. It is amazing to know that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the king of Kings, and the Lord of lords, knows each one who follows Him. He knows every little thing. What we do, what we think, and what we feel. He knows every thought that comesContinue reading “I’m Known”

From the Womb

There may be things or events in our life that we tend to question. We could not completely understand how God works or how things unfold according to His loving will. We have a limited picture of God’s plan so we find it difficult to fully comprehend. If we just take some moments to pauseContinue reading “From the Womb”


I knowI am confident.When troubles ariseYou hear my cries.I knowI believe.When troubles comeYou keep me calm.I knowI am sure.When troubles roarYour peace will soar.I knowYes, I know.When troubles beYou stay with me. God is our help in every trouble we face. Like a ship in distress signaling an SOS, we also have troubled times thatContinue reading “My SOS”

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