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Wait for the Everlasting God

It’s okay to wait when you wait for God. It is not easy to wait for anything. We grow impatient. We want things fast and easy. And when we wait without any idea what’s in store for us, the waiting becomes harder. It is a different story when we wait for God. We may notContinue reading “Wait for the Everlasting God”

God Orchestrates

Why does it take too long? At times God does not instantly give us the answer or bring us to the place where He wants us to be. Sometimes it takes time before what God has planned will come to full realization in our life. God does answer prayer but it is not all theContinue reading “God Orchestrates”

Wait Until The End

Waiting is a hard task. It is harder still when what you are waiting for seems too long to arrive. You cannot see anything. Not a sign. Not a prompt. Not a hint. Nothing. When this happens, waiting becomes a struggle. When you wait for something, you naturally have an expectation. You hope for something toContinue reading “Wait Until The End”