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The Door of Salvation and Pasture

Jesus is the Door —The door to life.He freely gives,No need to strive.Jesus is the Door — The door to blessings.Of freedom and peace,Of eternal living.Jesus is the Door —The door to pasture.He gives us bounty,Of spiritual nature.Jesus is the Door — He came so we may live.Live life to the full.To forgive and give!Continue reading “The Door of Salvation and Pasture”

All His Benefits

Benefits list! Have you ever made one in your Christian life? It is usual for us to take note or even list the benefits we have from our jobs or careers. Financial benefits are on top of the list. When we list down benefits, we are more motivated to work. We become excited with theContinue reading “All His Benefits”

Wait for the Everlasting God

It’s okay to wait when you wait for God. It is not easy to wait for anything. We grow impatient. We want things fast and easy. And when we wait without any idea what’s in store for us, the waiting becomes harder. It is a different story when we wait for God. We may notContinue reading “Wait for the Everlasting God”