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Reject Lies and Ungodliness

Do you shine your light? Or do the unbelievers think that you are one of them? There is a difference between being with unbelievers and living (being) like an unbeliever. We may profess with our mouths that Jesus is our Lord but our actions sometimes do the opposite making others believe that we are notContinue reading “Reject Lies and Ungodliness”

The Life of Worship

The highest form of worship to God is obedience to His will. It is sometimes commonly mistaken that worship is about going to the sanctuary or what most of us call “church”. True, attending church is part of worshiping God, but worshiping God is not limited to just attending church. It must be evident inContinue reading “The Life of Worship”

What Does God Require?

Have you tried asking God about something while thinking of probable answers He could give and when He answered, you are completely confounded about how different God’s thinking is compared to man’s? I imagine this when reading Micah 6 and a question was asked, “How can I come before God?” Surely, like this person asking,Continue reading “What Does God Require?”