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Wisdom from Above

Desire for wisdom that comes from God. Some people equate wisdom as a vast knowledge of lofty things or things too difficult to comprehend by ordinary people. It may encompass that but it is beyond the vast knowledge of different matters. The Bible describes wisdom perfectly, clearly, and so beautifully that it astounds me toContinue reading “Wisdom from Above”

Slow to Anger

Swift to hear My prayer today To listen well In a gentle way.Slow to speak Lord, I pray Not to judge Or rushly say.Slow to anger O, Lord I pray Patience in allGrace every day. Self-control is one of the most difficult things to do. Controlling the tongue to not speak when it is soContinue reading “Slow to Anger”

Joy During Testing

What temptation tests you the most? Temptation refers to an allurement or enticement to do evil. We may experience tempting things and situations from time to time. Each temptation tests our faith and strength to say no and to choose what is good and pleasing to God. We do not normally like temptation because itContinue reading “Joy During Testing”