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She is a Worshiper of God

What are you known for? Fruits have their scents that help us differentiate one from the other. Flowers have their fragrance which makes each one distinct. We also have one characteristic that makes us distinct from others. I have a friend who is known for her gregariousness and sincerity. Another friend is like a burstContinue reading “She is a Worshiper of God”

Wisdom in Silence

The tongue is a fire.It burns and spreads,Like a cage of wire,And poisons’ dreads.The tongue is untamed,By man’s sinful heart.Who then is unstained?It is a piercing dart.Blessed is the man,Who keeps still the tongue.Words spoken to none,No person he stung.Oh wise is the man,Who refrains from speaking.Ill words he can’t,Utter without regretting. And the tongueContinue reading “Wisdom in Silence”

Reject Lies and Ungodliness

Do you shine your light? Or do the unbelievers think that you are one of them? There is a difference between being with unbelievers and living (being) like an unbeliever. We may profess with our mouths that Jesus is our Lord but our actions sometimes do the opposite making others believe that we are notContinue reading “Reject Lies and Ungodliness”