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Strength in Waiting

Waiting became more personal for us this year. Waiting is a difficult period especially when we could not see what would happen in the future and we could barely understand why something happens. This became a real experience for us when my brother-in-law, Adonis, got sick due to kidney disease. This morning, December 3, heContinue reading “Strength in Waiting”

When My Wine Runs Out

When my wine runs out,Jesus, I know you’re there.I can call your name,Because you always care.When my wine runs out,In the middle of my feasting,I can call you, Jesus,And trust in your saving.When my wine runs out,I’ll call you, Jesus!When I’m helpless,I’ll choose to hold and trust.When my wine runs out,I still believe in You.AllContinue reading “When My Wine Runs Out”

Wait Until The End

Waiting is a hard task. It is harder still when what you are waiting for seems too long to arrive. You cannot see anything. Not a sign. Not a prompt. Not a hint. Nothing. When this happens, waiting becomes a struggle. When you wait for something, you naturally have an expectation. You hope for something toContinue reading “Wait Until The End”