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Teach Me

If we are willing to learn, we are willing to wait. This is true when we try to learn something new, such as a skill. We need to be patient and we need to wait for the moment we could fully understand, and we could apply that understanding to demonstrate the skill. There is littleContinue reading “Teach Me”

I Follow Christ

It is because of Christ and it is for Christ. Christians should have this sole intention. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we should strive to do things with the foremost reason—we follow Christ. We do not follow man, although we should submit to authorities. Ultimately we also do it because of Christ andContinue reading “I Follow Christ”

All for Christ

To live is Christ. Have you ever asked yourself for what purpose do I live my life? Is my purpose worth my time, effort, and investment here on earth? Does my life purpose prepare my life for eternity? Does my life purpose glorify God? Does my life purpose truly matters in light of the WordContinue reading “All for Christ”