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The World’s Hate

Following Christ means to be hated by the world. Yet, even with the hate of the ungodly, believers enjoy peace, security, and blessings from the world. It isn’t pure suffering to be hated by the world because when God is with us, we have His grace. We become more than conquerors through Him who lovedContinue reading “The World’s Hate”

A Second Look at Social Status

Social media has crowded the digital world with impressive status. It has become a show off of beauty, opulence, extravagance, and all the great social status that pictures and videos could capture. In a way, social media is like a journal notebook that chronicles mostly the bests times of our life. The only difference isContinue reading “A Second Look at Social Status”

Where God Leads, He Makes a Way

Nothing is too difficult for God. And He always acts in love and justice. The best response we could give to His awesome greatness and sovereignty is to trust and obey Him. When we trust God to do His will in our life, He can remove vresistance and every block that comes along the wayContinue reading “Where God Leads, He Makes a Way”