No Good Thing Apart from God

Without God in our life we could not truly see our poor state. Yes, we are in a poor state in this sinful flesh. We could only realize and understand it fully when we develop a relationship with God. Much like getting to know a friend and developing a strong bond of friendship is howContinue reading “No Good Thing Apart from God”

Relief from Distress

Look to God for help. When we are helpless, call on God. When we are down, call on God. When we are weak, call on God. When we are sick, call on God. In every distress, our call for help should be on God who makes a way. He is faithful and He promises toContinue reading “Relief from Distress”

Held by God

Jesus Christ is our Shepherd. He cares for us, protects us, and defends us. Like sheeps who are in danger of wolves, we are in danger of the attacks of Satan which steal our joy and our peace. Jesus Christ gives us security. We are assured of His constant presence. He never leaves us norContinue reading “Held by God”

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