Only His Will

One of the grievous deceptions we were led to believe that once we do outward pious acts, we are righteous. So we go to church every Sunday or even several times in a week, attend prayer meetings, give tithes and offerings, do active involvement in sharing the gospel, in healing the sick, or in teachingContinue reading “Only His Will”

More Than These Things

What dominates your thought life gives an indication of what you care most in life. An ambitious person would most likely wake up each day perked up with the prospect of a possible success. A teacher can wake up each day occupied by all the demands of teaching. A farmer would greet each day withContinue reading “More Than These Things”

Where is His Honor?

Weight comes with value. Just like how weight of a gold determines its purity and value, so it is with how we perceive and give weight to another person. Moral values such as solid integrity, honesty, dependability, and every good works stemming from love are characteristics that can put weight to a person’s value. TheyContinue reading “Where is His Honor?”

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