Hope in God

The most tragic thing we could ever experience in life is feeling hopeless. When hope is gone and lost, everything else stops. Situations can go downhill and plunge to darkness, but it is hope, no matter how small, that pushes anyone to keep moving forward and to rise above the problems. As long as thereContinue reading “Hope in God”

As Deaf and Mute

What would you do when people reject you and say evil things against you? What would you do when you experience this kind of treatment after choosing to do what is right? It is difficult to stay quiet at such moments. Our immediate reaction would be to defend ourselves and prove that we are right.Continue reading “As Deaf and Mute”

Joyful in God

Trust and joy come together. In light of obedience to God, they always come together. Even when the way is rough and difficult and the road may be bumpy, when we choose to trust God, He gives us peace, and our heart fills with joy. It is impossible to experience joy in God without trustingContinue reading “Joyful in God”

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