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What Does God Require?

Have you tried asking God about something while thinking of probable answers He could give and when He answered, you are completely confounded about how different God’s thinking is compared to man’s? I imagine this when reading Micah 6 and a question was asked, “How can I come before God?” Surely, like this person asking,Continue reading “What Does God Require?”

All for Christ

To live is Christ. Have you ever asked yourself for what purpose do I live my life? Is my purpose worth my time, effort, and investment here on earth? Does my life purpose prepare my life for eternity? Does my life purpose glorify God? Does my life purpose truly matters in light of the WordContinue reading “All for Christ”

Born of the Spirit

There are two types of people walking on earth — one is born of the flesh and the other is born of the spirit. One is born once, the other is born twice. One inherits the earthly kingdom, the other inherits God’s kingdom. One bears fruit of the flesh, the other bears fruit of theContinue reading “Born of the Spirit”