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Anxious for Nothing, But Offending

Human thinking tends to veer towards the visible and palpable, so we are more inclined to be anxious of things we could see overtly. Perhaps, this is also the reason why many of us become more anxious about things and situations that we generally experience from day to day such as concerns over money matters,Continue reading “Anxious for Nothing, But Offending”

More of God

Let it be more of God. When we are deeply engrossed with the works of God, such as in a ministry, we may lose focus and, without knowing it, we start doing things our own way. This doesn’t only happen in ministries or church works. It may happen in our day to day life. WeContinue reading “More of God”

Let God Come In

What would you do when God knocks at your door? God, in fact, has been knocking at the door of our heart to let Him into our life so He could give us abundant life. It has always been the plan of God to let us experience an abundant life, but when we fail toContinue reading “Let God Come In”