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I Follow Christ

It is because of Christ and it is for Christ. Christians should have this sole intention. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we should strive to do things with the foremost reason—we follow Christ. We do not follow man, although we should submit to authorities. Ultimately we also do it because of Christ andContinue reading “I Follow Christ”

We are One

Break division and individualism. In any organization, division will rot away unity. Where there is no unity, there is little chances for success. Differences are for a purpose but sometimes it leads to confusion and individualism. Because different people have different views and preferences, they could pose hurdles in communication and in working together asContinue reading “We are One”

Remembering with Thankfulness

Shared life strengthens bond. I remember the first time I stepped into our classroom in college. The first day in school was a bit daunting for a shy, introvert girl like me. I sat at the front row and somewhere in the center of the room to keep me more focused to the teacher. So,Continue reading “Remembering with Thankfulness”