We are One

Break division and individualism. In any organization, division will rot away unity. Where there is no unity, there is little chances for success. Differences are for a purpose but sometimes it leads to confusion and individualism. Because different people have different views and preferences, they could pose hurdles in communication and in working together asContinue reading “We are One”

Let Us Go with Gladness

Some people has ecclesiophobia. Ecclesiophobia is the fear of going to churches. No offense to people with ecclesiophobia. All of us have fears of some kind or another. While I have not yet encountered a person with ecclesiophobia, I did encounter some people who are “allergic” to church. I call them allergic to church becauseContinue reading “Let Us Go with Gladness”

When Church Feels Like Home

Have you ever felt so secure and so at home in a church? People are so friendly. They are loving. They treat you kindly. They show respect. They care for you. They seek you out. They support you. It just feels like one happy family. A Christ-centered church, may not be perfect, but surely itContinue reading “When Church Feels Like Home”

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