Faith in Action

The end of any undertaking must be as passionate as the start. This fuels consistency. It powers up sustenance in whatever undertaking. It is true in our spiritual walk as well. It is not only about how good we have started but also how well we ended. Oftentimes, we start out in our faith withContinue reading “Faith in Action”

When We Fear God

Repentance cultivates fear of God. Because fear of God is basically obeying God, it is not possible without repentance. Once we repent, we walk in willful obedience to God. Repentance is never an easy road and fearing God is not natural for many of us. It is easier for us to indulge the desires ofContinue reading “When We Fear God”

A Day With God

Dwelling in God is more than just church attendance. It is consciously living in the will of God and being aware of God’s presence in our everyday affairs. It is also not about us following God and being righteous, but it is about God giving us second chances and renewing our life according to HisContinue reading “A Day With God”

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